Privacy policy

I consider myself an easy-going person, except when it comes to internet privacy and spam. If I had my way, spammers would be put in jail for wasting the world's time and my bandwidth, and those who engage in schemes to steal people's identity or personal information should be... well, you get the idea.

I do have my way though, when it comes to this website and the way people are treated here. There may be times when you may be asked to leave some information, like your email address. I also have some plans to offer interfaces where people can leave articles or comments or other content. When that becomes available, I'll have no choice but to ask you to leave some personal data. Be advised (and comforted) that when you do, that data will not leave this site. I am the only one who will see it or use it.

While I do hope to make some money with this website, I don't plan to do it by selling email addresses or other information people leave with me. I hope over time, as you become more familiar with me and the way I do things, you'll feel comfortable leaving any information I may ask you to leave.

I will endeavor to only collect the bare minimum of information needed for us to communicate.