The Dark Galaxy Dragonfy 44: A Galaxy Almost Entirely Dark Matter

What is a Dark Galaxy? How do astronomers detect a galaxy that has almost no stars and is composed almost entirely of Dark Matter? Join today's Astro Coffee Hangout to find out!
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Published by Tony Darnell on 8th Dec, 2016

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If dark matter is, well, dark then how can it be found? Remarkably, a team of astronomers found a galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter by using several powerful telescopes. The galaxy is called Dragonfly 44 and was largely ignored because it is so faint and seemingly insignificant.

On closer look with Dragonfly Telephoto Array, it appeared that this galaxy in the constellation Coma deserved a closer look. Using the large telescopes in Hawaii they found a number of stars and measured their velocities and found a surprising result.

Join Tony Darnell and Carol Christian as they discuss with Dr. Pieter van Dokkum (Yale U.), Dr. Roberto Abraham (U. Toronto) and collaborators about how the object was found and the observations used to determine its “dark” secret.

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