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We live in the Golden Age of Astronomy and most of our most ambitions science missions in the next few decades will be with space missions. Here are our articles on the latest in this exciting field.

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Why Astronomy Matters

10th Jul, 2006 - 4349 views

I was recently asked the question, "Why does knowing about astronomy matter?"

Apophis: The Asteroid That Could Smash Into the Earth on April 13th, 2036

25th Oct, 2006 - 15K views

Will Apophis hit us in 2036? That depends on its trajectory as it passes overhead in 2029!

The Redneck Astronomer

15th Aug, 2007 - 2539 views

My life has always been a collision of worlds that never seemed to fit together. This article explains, in part, what I mean.

Asteroid Facts

11th Feb, 2012 - 4552 views

The solar system is actually a pretty scary place. Right now, NASA is tracking almost 15,000 near Earth objects that include both asteroids and comets, and there are an unknown number of these objects circling the Sun.

How to Get A Job in Astronomy

24th Jan, 2017 - 6319 views

Job in astronomy | Get a job as an astronomer | A scientific career in deep astronomy is not all about getting a PhD | Support or project scientist?

Looking Up

5th Mar, 2018 - 2176 views

Our predilection to look to the sky, to feel what we feel and to find fascination where we treasure it, is a curiosity.