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Every Thursday at 3pm ET, Deep Astronomy hosts a live discussion on the social media platforms YouTube, Facebook and Periscope featuring the latest in astronomy research, space astronomy, human trips to Mars and the future of humanity's efforts in space.

Upcoming Live Astronomy Hangouts

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Footsteps to Mars

First Thursday of every month, 3pm ET!

Hangout sponsored by American Astronomical Society American Astronautical Society

What is our timeline for getting to Mars? How hard is it? Where is NASA, SpaceX and the rest of the world in their plans? What are the physiological effects on humans in deep space and for extended stays in space? How will we survive on the harsh conditions of Mars? These questions and many more are address in Footsteps to Mars, your monthly source for the latest in humanity's plans to explore the Red Planet.

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Future in Space

Third Thursday of every month, 3pm ET!

Hangout sponsored by American Astronomical Society American Astronautical Society

What is the future for human space flight look like? What are some of the challenges being in space? What are the next generation space telescopes beyond the James Webb Space Telescope? What new technologies are being developed for finding and studying exoplanets? There is so much happening in the fields of space astronomy, human spaceflight and exploration that we devoted an entire hangout to discuss some of the topics facing the future of humanity in space. Join us to learn what's in store!

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Afternoon Astronomy Coffee

Second & Fourth Thursday of every month, 3pm ET

Hangout sponsored by American Astronomical Society American Astronautical Society

We live in the golden age of astronomy. Never before have human beings been on such a rapid pace of advancement and discovery. Just a little over 100 years ago, we didn't know there were other galaxies besides our own. Now we know hundreds of billions out in the cosmos. Just 25 years ago, we didn't know there were other planets in orbit around other stars. Now the fields of exoplanet research and astrobiology are exploding with new discoveries. Join us on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 3pm Eastern Time to keep up to date and in pace with the fast-moving and exciting research driving the frontiers of knowledge in astronomy.

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What are live astronomy hangouts?

"Footsteps to Mars", "Future In Space”, and "Afternoon Astronomy Coffee" Hangouts are part of a weekly series, held every Thursday at 3pm ET designed to bring you into the world of science and technology especially as it concerns astronomy, cosmology and space travel. These discussions are designed to engage you in conversation with some of the world's leading astronomers, engineers and space thinkers - we bring them straight to you!

Each week, we bring the the latest research in astronomy, highlights from the future of space astronomy and astronautics planning, as well as updates on the exploration of Mars to you every week via Hangouts on Air. With the sponsorship of both the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and the American Astronautical Society (the other AAS), our hosts Tony Darnell, Carol Christian, Alberto Conti, and Harley Thronson examine today's breakthroughs in research and peer into the unfolding possibilities of what we may learn about the universe and Mars exploration.

We join with members of the American Astronomical Society and American Astronautical Society to chat, in an informal online setting modeled after "science coffee" events held in universities and research organizations across the country. We will examine what we hope to learn about exoplanets, black holes, the early universe, quasars, and life in the universe along with what technologies might help us — and reflect upon the scientific endeavors occurring today that uncover amazing astrophysics and lay the groundwork for studies to come.

We will also explore the technology and engineering used today as well as possibilities for future space travel and research with members of both societies, and probe what our future in space may look like and how we might get there. We will examine the underlying technologies of space telescopes, orbiters, landers, and human space vehicles now and in the years to come. We will delve into topics that help us understand the possibilities and limitations of human space flight and eventual human colonization of other worlds.

We hope you can join us each month as we bring experts from both societies — people who think about and plan for our future in space — to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We invite you to bring your questions and comments and get ready to learn about the amazing possibilities for the future of space astronomy and exploration.

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