The Dark Energy Survey: About More Than Just Dark Energy

The Dark Energy Survey is looking at 5000 square degrees of sky in the southern hemisphere for 525 nights in an attempt to understand mysterious Dark Energy. But that's not all the collaboration is doing.

Published by Tony Darnell on 13th Jul, 2017

Members of the Dark Energy Survey are using their time on the Blanco 4m telescope in Chile to maximum benefit. The data obtained by looking at a large area of the sky for hundreds of nights trying to understand what dark energy might be can be quite useful in helping astronomers understand other phenomena in the sky.

In this hangout, we will learn about what the Dark Energy Survey is doing and we'll discuss two papers: DECam followup observations of the LIGO gravitational wave event GW150914, the first observations of a merging black hole binary and the characteristics of Eridanus II, an ultra-dwarf satellite galaxy of our Milky Way, one of 20 or so discovered by DES.

Please join Tony Darnell, Dr. Carol Christian, Dr Jim Annis (FermiLab), Dr. Ting Li (Fermilab), Dr. Marcelle Soares Santos (Fermilab) and Dr. Rachel Cain-Wolf as we dive into the realm and data for the amazing Dark Energy Survey.

Papers Discussed today:

DECam Followup Obs of GW150914

Farthest Neighbor: The Distant Milky Way Satellite Eridanus II

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