Will We Ever Find Life on Mars?

2578 Views | Published on 4th Oct, 2017

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Mars is the closest planet to Earth and the most likely candidate to find life in the solar system. So why haven’t we found anything yet? Since 1977 we’ve sent over a dozen space missions to the red planet and haven’t found a single shred of evidence that life once existed. Some researchers think that if life is on Mars it will be found much deeper underground that what our rovers can currently explore. But until we are sending humans to our planetary neighbor we must rely on research from microbiologists and astrobiologists like Dr. Kai Finster.

Tune in this week as we discuss with Professor Kai Finster an astrobiologist from Aarhus University as we dive deep into the topic of finding life on Mars.

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You have a grammatical error. Last paragraph, 2nd word should be were, not was.
John Smith - 26th Jun, 2016
Thank you for this well-written article. I now understand Olbers' Paradox.
Jeff Geoff - 29th Apr, 2017