New Results from Gravitational-Wave Astronomy and NASA’s Suite of Observatories

3464 Views | Published on 15th Nov, 2017

What were 20% of the astronomers and observatories in the world doing on August 25, 2017? Coordinating observations for the fifth gravitational wave event!

One of the most exciting astrophysics results of the past few years has been the detection of gravitational waves and light across the electromagnetic spectrum from the merger of two neutron stars in a nearby galaxy. These observations by the LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave network and dozens of space- and ground-based telescopes represents new capabilities for joint discoveries in multi-messenger astronomy.

Please join our regular hosts, Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti, and Harley Thronson, as they discuss with Drs. Judy Racusin, Tito Dal Canton, and Brad Cenko, all of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center the recent ‘multi-messenger’ observation of merging neutron stars and possibilities of future joint observations of merging massive objects in space.

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