Cool Astronomy Gifts for Christmas 2017

1527 Views | Published on 22nd Nov, 2017

Looking for some really neat gifts for the astronomy buff in your life?

Today we'll share with you some of our favorite gifts for the space fan in your life. While there's no shortage of telescopes and accessories out there, and those will be very good gifts make no mistake, there are a lot of other really interesting astronomy gifts you can buy that are unique and special.

In this hangout, Tony Darnell, Adam Synergy Smith and John Suffill will share some of our favorites with you

Most of our suggestions are on this Deep Astronomy Webpage, feel free to watch the hangout there and follow along:

Here is a link-dump of the amazing things Galaxia found that I didn't have time to put in the webpage article:
" + glow in the dark sheets -- FREE ----- ON SCALE! --- black hole paper weight --- Mars globe (Christmas)

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