#AAS231 Superbowl of Astronomy Roundup: DES Data; JWST Update; Distant Galaxy Found; Citizen Science

2149 Views | Published on 13th Jan, 2018

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As many of you know who’ve been following SFN for a while know that this video series was started in January 2011 during the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Well this week finished the one for 2018 and here is a roundup of stories I found most interesting.

The people with the American Astronomical Society call their winter meeting the Superbowl of Astronomy and while that may be a bit hyperbolic, it is an exciting time for astronomers. They get to announce some of their most exciting work during this meeting and while I have been to several, lately I’ve had to watch them from afar. But I do hope to start live streaming from them again one day.

So in the spirit of SFN, I’m going to give you a brief roundup of some of the latest research that came out this week from the world of professional astronomers from around the world. There was so much released this week that there is no way I can cover all of it in a 10 minute or so video, so I’m keeping it to those things I found most interesting.

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