Telescope Mounts and Eyepieces

1320 Views | Published on 18th Jul, 2017

Are you confused about the purpose of telescope mounts? What about eyepieces? What are they for? Watch today's hangout to learn more!

As with any hobby, there's never any shortage of choices for accessories and amateur astronomy is no different. There are mount designs galore to choose from, but which ones are best?

Eyepieces are also plentiful, they are so important that they can give you the best views you've ever had through your telescope or ruin you night completely. But which ones should you own?

In this hangout, Tony Darnell, Adam (Synergy) Smith and John Suffill help you navigate these issues. Learn about the best eyepieces for observing the planets, deep-sky objects and more. We'll also go into the topic of field of view and magnification.

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