Cassini: A Remarkable Journey

Cassini began it's Grand Finale last month. Learn how this spectacular mission will end!

Published by Tony Darnell on 25th May, 2017

Cassini is a NASA mission, launched in 1997, designed to study the planet Saturn and its moons. This mission has produced astonishing imagery, a multitude of scientific results, dropped a probe (European Space Agency's Huygens probe) into the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan and is now on its way to its final goal, when it plummets into Saturn's atmosphere.

This year, the spacecraft has been diving between the cloud tops and the innermost of Saturn's rings. Cassini also revealed hints about the ocean of the moon Enceladus and the extensive cracking in the crust of its surface.

Join Tony Darnell and Carol Christian during Afternoon Astronomy Coffee on May 25, 2017 at 3PM Eastern (Daylight) Time as they discuss with Scott Edgington, Jo Pitesky and Morgan Cable (JPL) about this astonishing mission and some of the highlights of its voyage and science results.

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