Telescope Talk Hangout - Getting Started in Amateur Astronomy

Want to learn about the exciting hobby of amateur astronomy? Join us for our inaugural episode!

Published by Tony Darnell on 20th Jun, 2017

Join us for the inaugural hangout dedicated to amateur astronomy! Each week, Tony Darnell, Adam (Synergy) Smith and John Suffill will share with you knowledge, expertise and advice on owning telescopes and getting familiar with the night sky.

Please join us each week to explore this amazing and interesting hobby!

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Hi Tony, I did enjoy the hangout. I have a 12" Meade SC that got Meade in trouble. My scope was a RC meaning Richey Creighton(sp). I will tune in next time. I love Astronomy as you probably noticed. From my work on Voyager and my son's interest in Astronomy, we dove in with both feet. Probably a mistake at the time. I will talk more about that soon.
Larry Keese - 21st Jun, 2017