What's So Great About Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes?

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes are among the most popular telescopes among amateur astronomers and have been around for decades in the commercial market.

7488 Views | Published on 6th Mar, 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes?

They are among the most popular telescopes among amateur astronomers, SCT's have been around for decades in the commercial market. During this hangout, we'll discuss some of the advantages of these scopes, why they are so popular, and delve into the many characteristics of their optical design.

These telescopes are great for portable observing because their optical tube is short and allows for easy transport. Their folded optical design however, makes their focal lengths quite long, which means that the field of view in the eyepiece is tiny, making dim deep sky objects difficult to find without a GOTO mount and drive system.

Another disadvantage, is that as a function of aperture, Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes are more expensive. However, what you get for your money is unparalleled views through the eyepiece. With the notable exception of expensive refractors, SCT's will give the best visual experience you've ever had!

Still, even though they are not as easy to use as a Newtonian reflector, there are many qualities that make owning a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope worth considering.

Should you buy one? Tune in to find out!

Each week Tony Darnell, Adam Smith, John Suffill and Alexander Reinders get together to talk about telescopes and amateur astronomy. You don't want to miss out on our expertise if you're new to the hobby and are thinking about buying your first telescope.

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