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Exolife Hangout: Happy Pi Day!

14th Mar, 2018  -  1.4k views

This week we'll talk about Pi Day, Stephen Hawking's death, the GAO report on the JWST mission and much, much more.

What's So Great About Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes?

6th Mar, 2018  -  1.3k views

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes are among the most popular telescopes among amateur astronomers and have been around for decades in the commercial market.

The Faintest Galaxies: What Are They?

6th Mar, 2018  -  2k views

We live in a time when searching for and finding the faintest galaxies in the universe is possible. So, where are they?

Finding Earth 2.0

26th Feb, 2018  -  2.5k views

Finding another planet like Earth outside of our solar system is now a possibility like never before. More than at any other time in human history, we have to tools to begin finding Earth's twin.

TESS Arrives in Florida for NASA Launch

24th Feb, 2018  -  2.8k views

TESS Arrives in Florida | NASA InSight Launches May | Hubble's New Expansion Rate | Amateur Astronomer Records Supernova

Worldwide Telescope Astronomy Image Contest

23rd Feb, 2018  -  932 views

I had this idea for a contest as I was trying to add images to the Worldwide Telescope Client. I need your help!

Use NASA Telescopes Yourself

20th Feb, 2018  -  1.6k views

Why go through all the trouble and expense of buying and learning to use your own imaging equipment when you have access to ACTUAL Space Telescope data?

Probing Our Dynamic Outer Solar System

20th Feb, 2018  -  1.3k views

The outskirts of our solar system is a region dominated by the solar wind flowing away from the Sun and encountering the interstellar material (ISM) in space. Solar wind is also magnetized and creates a heliosphere, around our planetary system.

TESS Update with Sara Seager and Natalia Guerrero

13th Feb, 2018  -  2.2k views

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is scheduled to launch later this year. Where does the mission stand? Join us as we take a look at the status of the TESS mission and discuss some of the amazing science it is designed to accomplish.

#FalconHeavy Launch 2018

10th Feb, 2018  -  3.8k views

Falcon Heavy launch 2018 | Astronomers make the strange leap from smeared light from a distant galaxy | JWST is making it's way to California

#FalconHeavy Launch | Vlog #7

6th Feb, 2018  -  3.6k views

Live vlog from the first ever Falcon Heavy launch. Join me to see what's happening as everybody gets excited for the biggest rocket launch since the Saturn V.

Going to the Falcon Heavy Launch | Vlog #6

5th Feb, 2018  -  2.1k views

Wanted to let you guys know I'm going to the Falcon Heavy Launch tomorrow and provided it's not cancelled.