Future in Space Hangout

Join us as we meet with members of the American Astronomical Society and the American Astronautical Society to discuss the future of humanity's efforts in space and science.

The TRAPPIST-1 System and the Search for Habitable Worlds

15th Jun, 2017 by Tony Darnell

What is NASA doing to help us understand the TRAPPIST-1 system?

NASA's TESS Mission to Study Exoplanets

16th Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

What's the latest with the NASA TESS mission to study Earth-sized exoplanets? Watch this months Future in Space Hangout to find out!

Hubble - Exciting & Still Going Strong!

16th Feb, 2017 by Tony Darnell

The Hubble Space Telescope, one of the greatest scientific instruments of all time, is well into its second quarter-century of successful operation with years of exciting results ahead.

#JWST Is Less than 2 Years Away!

19th Jan, 2017 by Tony Darnell

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There's More than One Way to Build a Telescope!

15th Dec, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Although there are several space telescopes currently in operation, most people may think that the iconic Hubble Space Telescope is the way that they should all appear. Not so! Multiple alternative future designs for space observatories have been pro

The PLANETS Foundation: Looking for Life in the Universe

17th Nov, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Ever wondered what the future of the search for life in the universe holds? The PLANETS Foundation has some plans for that.

Beautiful Ballooning... And More!

20th Oct, 2016 by Tony Darnell

While the world’s space agencies extend humanity’s reach into space with science satellites of all kinds, generations of scientists have carried out cutting-edge research from high in the Earth’s atmosphere using balloons with remarkable capabilities

SOFIA’s Flight to the Stars: NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Program

15th Sep, 2016 by Tony Darnell

SOFIA is NASA's most sophisticated observatories. It is mounted on a modified jet aircraft and doing science only possible from space.