Space Documentaries

Deep Astronomy has a long history of creating short, mini-documentaries highlighting an interesting topic in astronomy designed to shake your perspective on the cosmos.

Black Dwarf Stars: Corpses of Creation

22nd Sep, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Around 90 percent of the observed stars in the universe are like our Sun. Called Main Sequence stars by astronomers, our Sun and others like it dominate the heavens.

A Journey into a Black Hole Collision

20th May, 2016 by Tony Darnell

The Hypernova of VY Canis Majoris

12th May, 2011 by Tony Darnell

How the Hubble Space Telescope Will Die

25th Feb, 2011 by Tony Darnell

What is the Universe Expanding Into?

5th Feb, 2011 by Tony Darnell

Where Are the First Stars and Galaxies?

4th Feb, 2011 by Tony Darnell