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Space Fan News #28: Introducing WFIRST, Dark Jupiters and Big Solar Flares

13th Aug, 2011 - 8592 views

Let's talk space: WFIRST is a mission to keep an eye on, really great work to be done with this mission: TrES-2B is a dark gas giant that reflects only 1% of the light that falls on it.

Space Fan News #31: The Star That Shouldn't Exist; Diamonds in the Sky

3rd Sep, 2011 - 8092 views

Use it, it's yours! There was a really interesting story from the European Southern Observatory this week along with the Diamond planet story submitted via the facebook page. The Star that Shouldn't exist: http://

Space Fan News #37: JWST Model in Baltimore Up Close and Personal

22nd Oct, 2011 - 4260 views There were some very nice people who work on the project willing to let me ask them some questions about JWST and post them here on YouTube. Special thanks to Dr. Marshall Perrin from STScI and Charlie Atkinson from Nor

Space Fan News #43: Kepler-22b; Biggest Black Holes EVER!; Swift Sees a Strange GRB

10th Dec, 2011 - 31.8K views Lots of great stuff this week. So much that I went a little long. Kepler's first confirmed earth-sized planet in a habitable zone (Kepler 22B).

Space Fan News #48: JWST Making a Splash at AAS; Herschel Looks at Clouds; Hubble Outdoes Itself

11th Jan, 2012 - 3819 views Hershel's view of LMC/SMC: Hubble Protocluster:

Space Fan News #51: Dark Matter Galaxy; Most Distant Type 1a; Planck Completes Its Mission

21st Jan, 2012 - 10.3K views Dark Matter Galaxy:

Space Fan News #64: Introducing SOFIA; Nibiru Can't Hide; Overfed Black Holes

12th May, 2012 - 9632 views

Please take a moment to vote: SOFIA's First Science: Another Indirect

Space Fan News #68: Exoplanet Hit by a Flare; NuSTAR FIrst Light; Andromeda Will Hit Us - For Realz

30th Jun, 2012 - 11.1K views Exoplanet Atmosphere Variations:

Space Fan News #71: Early Spiral Galaxy Found; Sharpest Quasar Image; Pioneer Anomaly Solved

21st Jul, 2012 - 11.1K views Earliest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen:

Space Fan News #74: Dark Galaxies Found; Vampire Stars Eat Their O's; NASA's New Mars Mission

25th Aug, 2012 - 35.5K views Sorry about the sound this week, my microphone died and the alternative was to not do an episode at all, I'll get a new mic this week, thanks for your patience. Dark Galaxies Found: http://ww

First Kilonova Observed; Lowest Mass Exoplanet Found; Source of Magellanic Stream Found

10th Aug, 2013 - 10K views

Here are links to this week's stories: New kind of stellar explosiont: the Kilonova

Deep Astronomy Channel Trailer

23rd Sep, 2013 - 230.5K views

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