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Deep Astronomy Channel Trailer

23rd Sep, 2013 - 220.9k views

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Space Fan News #74: Dark Galaxies Found; Vampire Stars Eat Their O's; NASA's New Mars Mission

25th Aug, 2012 - 35.3k views Sorry about the sound this week, my microphone died and the alternative was to not do an episode at all, I'll get a new mic this week, thanks for your patience. Dark Galaxies Found: http://ww

Space Fan News #43: Kepler-22b; Biggest Black Holes EVER!; Swift Sees a Strange GRB

10th Dec, 2011 - 31.7k views Lots of great stuff this week. So much that I went a little long. Kepler's first confirmed earth-sized planet in a habitable zone (Kepler 22B).

SFN #153: Gravitational Waves Found!; Close Asteroid Flyby March 5th

12th Feb, 2016 - 18.4k views

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SFN #155: Hubble Finds Most Distant Galaxy; LIGO & Gamma Rays; Get Ready for EXOMARS

5th Mar, 2016 - 12.7k views

Apologies for the sound, a critical mic failed during recording and I simply didn't have time to re-do the episode. Here are the links for this week's stories: Hubble's Distant Galaxy: Gam

Event Horizon Telescope Update!

31st May, 2018 - 12.3k views

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NASA JWST delayed until mid-2020: Failure is not an option

27th Mar, 2018 - 11.6k views

Looks like NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will be delayed until mid-2020. There will likely be budget overruns which threaten the life of the mission.

SFN #150: Ninth Planet?; Brightest Galaxy Found Ripping Itself Apart; Brightest Eruption Ever Seen

22nd Jan, 2016 - 11.4k views

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Space Fan News #68: Exoplanet Hit by a Flare; NuSTAR FIrst Light; Andromeda Will Hit Us - For Realz

30th Jun, 2012 - 11.1k views Exoplanet Atmosphere Variations:

Space Fan News #71: Early Spiral Galaxy Found; Sharpest Quasar Image; Pioneer Anomaly Solved

21st Jul, 2012 - 10.9k views Earliest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen:

New JWST Launch Date, Budget Set By NASA

28th Jun, 2018 - 10.9k views

In this episode, the verdict is in. After reading and responding to the independent review of the JWST mission, NASA announced today a new launch date and an updated cost analysis. It looks like JWST will launch on March 30, 2021

SFN #158: Black Hole Telescope Goes Missing; Did Jupiter Have an Impact?; ALMA Images Nearby Disk

1st Apr, 2016 - 10.3k views

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