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Here is the full Deep Astronomy astronomy videos index, featuring the best videos from the Deep Astronomy YouTube Channel.

#JWST Assembly Complete!; Watch out for #Supermoon; Geeky Cuteness | SFN #184

11th Nov, 2016 by Tony Darnell

NASA announces that the successor to Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope has finished assembly at the Goddard Space Flight Center and is ready for testing; and in case you have haven’t heard, there’s a Supermoon this weekend.

#JWST Is Less than 2 Years Away!

19th Jan, 2017 by Tony Darnell

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2 Trillion Galaxies?; DECam Finds 3 New Dwarf Planets and Get Ready for LSST | SFN #180

14th Oct, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Astronomers using all of the deepest survey images taken from Hubble find the elusive dwarf galaxies in the early universe and find there are now two trillion galaxies in in the cosmos; and three new dwarf planets are discovered in our solar system.

2016: A Golden Year in the Golden Age of Astronomy | SFN #188

30th Dec, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Today, I’m going to share some of those trends that I’ve noticed developing in 2016 with an eye towards what I think is in store for us in 2017 and beyond.

A Face for Dark Matter?; Where Will Thirty Meter Telescope Be built? | SFN #183

4th Nov, 2016 by Tony Darnell

Astronomers put a face on dark matter for the first time; The Thirty Meter Telescope currently planned for Mauna Kea on Hawai’i may move to the Canary Islands.

A Gamma Ray Binary in Another Galaxy: A massive object paired with a crushed stellar core remnant

10th Nov, 2016 by Tony Darnell

A search for binary stars that emit gamma-rays using NASA’s Fermi satellite turned up a luminous object in another galaxy.

A Journey into a Black Hole

20th Feb, 2011 by Tony Darnell

A Journey into a Black Hole Collision

20th May, 2016 by Tony Darnell