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1st Dec, 2016 - 3392 views

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. In our next Hangout we will explore how the resources in place on Mars will make possible long-term human explor

#AAS231 Superbowl of Astronomy Roundup: DES Data; JWST Update; Distant Galaxy Found; Citizen Science

13th Jan, 2018 - 3238 views

This video series was started in January 2011 during the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Well this week finished the one for 2018 and here is a roundup of stories we found most interesting.

#FalconHeavy Launch 2018

10th Feb, 2018 - 4210 views

Falcon Heavy launch 2018 | Astronomers make the strange leap from smeared light from a distant galaxy | JWST is making it's way to California

#FalconHeavy Launch | Vlog #7

6th Feb, 2018 - 3782 views

Live vlog from the first ever Falcon Heavy launch. Join me to see what's happening as everybody gets excited for the biggest rocket launch since the Saturn V.

#JWST Assembly Complete!; Watch out for #Supermoon; Geeky Cuteness | SFN #184

11th Nov, 2016 - 4873 views

Thanks to the Planets Foundation for sponsoring SFN this month: https:/ JWST Complete:

#JWST Launch Delayed; New LIGO GW Event; Parker Solar Probe Update; Surprise from ESA's Rosetta

29th Sep, 2017 - 6538 views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! Looks like the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope will be delayed for 5-8 months. As sad as that makes me, I'm o

100K YouTube Subscriber Celebration!

9th Jul, 2014 - 11K views

We've reached an important milestone this week: 100,000 subscribers to the Deep Astronomy YouTube channel and to celebrate, we're going to hold our first Deep Astronomy Hangout with +Tony Darnell. This inaugural hangout will feature +Carolyn Collins

2 Rocky Earth-Like Worlds; Most Distant Quasar Found in Reionization Era; ESPRESSO Better Than HARPS

9th Dec, 2017 - 5847 views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! This week, astronomers at ESO find yet another system with rocky, earth-sized planets; the most distant quasar from the

2 Trillion Galaxies?; DECam Finds 3 New Dwarf Planets and Get Ready for LSST | SFN #180

15th Oct, 2016 - 9862 views

Support Space Fan News on Patreon: Get the latest astronomy news every week. Apologies for the audio, the mic died while filming (truth be told, the Zoom SD card filled up - Doh!). Here are the links to this week's

2012 And The Strongest Solar Storms Ever Recorded

27th Jan, 2010 - 19.8K views Man, it's cold in Illinois. You wouldn't see Carl Sagan trying this. I'll try close captioning this video so people can better read the script, the wind was extraordinarily strong today. This is the first

2016: A Golden Year in the Golden Age of Astronomy | SFN #188

31st Dec, 2016 - 5461 views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! Space Fan News Theme by Stephen Dubois available for download here: This year saw some ama

2019 Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium

11th Sep, 2019 - 547 views

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