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Was The EHT Black Hole Image a Waste of Time

18th Apr, 2019 - 11.3K views

Was the Event Horizon Telescope Black Hole image a waste of time? Astronomy research has a lot to teach us about our cosmos.

Event Horizon Telescope First Results Space Fan News

9th Apr, 2019 - 28K views

First results from the worldwide collaboration of telescopes known as the Event Horizon Telescope will be live streamed here. Join our Chat on Discord here: Like this content? Please consider becoming a patron: https://pa

SFN Update First Results from Event Horizon Telescope Next Week

2nd Apr, 2019 - 5390 views

The European Southern Observatory is announcing first results from the Event Horizon Telescope next week! Read the announcement here;

The Event Horizon Telescope EHT

18th Dec, 2018 - 5585 views

Did you know there is an effort underway to actually see the event horizon of a black hole?

The Event Horizon Telescope EHT

18th Dec, 2018 - 1232 views

NEW STREAM: GO HERE INSTEAD: Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Did you know there is an effort underway to actually see the event horizon of a black hole? Ri

Event Horizon Telescope Update!

31st May, 2018 - 14K views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! If you’re a space fan like me (and I know you are cuz you’re here), then you’re very interested in keeping up to

Atmosphere Around GJ 1132b Detected; What Will Event Horizon Telescope See?; Jupiter in Opposition

8th Apr, 2017 - 7435 views

Thanks to all for letting me know you wanted to learn more about the atmosphere detection around GJ 1132b and I also wanted to delve a bit more into the amazing observations going on this week around the world by the Earth-sized Event Horizon Telesco

What is the Event Horizon Telescope?; NASA's SWIFT Finds a Star Falling in a Black Hole

25th Mar, 2017 - 9468 views

Astronomers from around the world are collaborating to make a direct image of the event horizon of a black hole. This worldwide effort will make a telescope the size of the Earth that will have the resolution to look at the black hole at the center