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The First 104 Worlds of K2; Hubble & the Final Frontier (Field) | SFN #172

23rd Jul, 2016 - 5379 views

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SFN #157: Did ExoMars Have A Mishap?; Kepler Finds a Supernova Shockwave; ULA Sends Cubesats to ISS

25th Mar, 2016 - 6946 views

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SFN #156: Kepler's Second Chance to Shine

18th Mar, 2016 - 7076 views

Thanks to all SFN Patreon Supporters for making SFN better: Got captivated by all the great work being done with Kepler after it's reaction wheel failure in May 2013. I'm amazed at what Kepler (now called K2) is do