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Standard Sirens To The Rescue LIGO Gets An Upgrade

6th Mar, 2019 - 2459 views

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: The LIGO gravitational observatory collaboration receives new funding to upgrade it’s amazing facilities. This should allow astronomers to get more informat

New Results from Gravitational-Wave Astronomy and NASA’s Suite of Observatories

15th Nov, 2017 - 4174 views

What were 20% of the astronomers and observatories in the world doing on August 25, 2017? Coordinating observations for the fifth gravitational wave event! One of the most exciting astrophysics results of the past few years has been the detection

Evidence that Vacuum of Space Not Empty; LIGO Gets Ready for More | SFN #186

3rd Dec, 2016 - 8962 views

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The Age of Gravitational Waves is Here!; FU Orionis is a Pig; ExoMars First Light | SFN #167

17th Jun, 2016 - 6432 views

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A Journey into a Black Hole Collision

26th Apr, 2016 - 52.5K views

Black holes have been largely theoretical until the LIGO observations announced earlier this year. Thanks to those observations, we now have another way to study and observe these amazing celestial objects. Original Music by Mark C. Petersen, Loch

SFN #161: Hubble Turns 26; NASA's Fermi May Have Seen the LIGO Event; Space Fans Haz an App

22nd Apr, 2016 - 6339 views

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LIGO & Gravitational Waves

12th Feb, 2016 - 13.4K views

Gravitational waves have been predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity for 100 years and have never been found. Scientists have been searching for them using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) located in Hanfo

SFN #153: Gravitational Waves Found!; Close Asteroid Flyby March 5th

12th Feb, 2016 - 18.5K views

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