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TRAPPIST-1 Habitability Possible; LISA Passes Milestone; Super/Blue/Blood Moon Next Week! | SFN #222

26th Jan, 2018 - 4363 views

Astronomers publish a paper claiming the two of the earth-sized planets around TRAPPIST-1 are potentially habitable; the LISA Mission passes a critical Mission Design Readiness Review; and next week when Space Fans look up, superbluebloodmoontime!

ESA's GAIA Maps a Billion Stars; NASA Likes LISA Again; China Launches 2nd Space Station | SFN 178

23rd Sep, 2016 - 3952 views

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Ripples In Space: Gravitational Waves in Our Future

17th Jun, 2016 - 5702 views

After decades of effort, the era of gravitational wave astronomy is finally here. Ground-based instruments like LIGO have opened up humanity's ears to the ripples of spacetime. But the LIGO results represent just one slice of the gravitational wave

LISA Pathfinder a Success!; New Ideas on Elliptical Galaxy Formation | SFN #166

10th Jun, 2016 - 5683 views

Please join us for our next Future in Space Hangout to discuss these LISA Pathfinder results with Dr. Ira Thorpe from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Here is the link: Also, here are the links to thi

SFN #154: 1st Super-Earth Atmosphere!; LISA Pathfinder Update; Chandra Finds Jet From Early Universe

19th Feb, 2016 - 6934 views

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Space Fan News #17 (Jump Cut Edition): New model for merging black holes; NASA Can't Afford LISA

9th Apr, 2011 - 4764 views

Researchers at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard unveiled a new model describing merging black holes. Also, NASA can't afford LISA.