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Exolife Hangout: Happy Pi Day!

14th Mar, 2018 - 1971 views

This week we'll talk about Pi Day, Stephen Hawking's death, the GAO report on the JWST mission and much, much more.

Making Contact with Dr. Jill Tarter

29th Jan, 2018 - 2354 views

This hangout features a giant in the field of SETI research: Dr. Jill Tarter. In this ExoLife Hangout we invite Dr. Jill Tarter, co-founder of the SETI Institute, to talk about her new book Making Contact. Tarter’s work has brought her wide recogn

The Great Silence: Where is Everybody?

25th May, 2017 - 6777 views

Sooo the live stream was really messed up and we had to send people over to Twitch, which streamed beautifully. This video was messed up afterward, but now appears fine, so I made it public again. So strange. Where is everybody? Why haven't we hea

The Future of SETI w/ Ground-Based Telescopes

18th May, 2017 - 3430 views

Where are we in our search for extraterrestrial life? What is the future and how will ground-based telescopes help? The first modern SETI experiment was created by Frank Drake in 1960 with Project Ozma. Over 50 years later, we still haven't heard

Target: The Moons of Mars

2nd Mar, 2017 - 3384 views

How and Why should we explore the moons of Mars? Senior NASA leadership has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. As part of current thinking of human exploration of the Red Planet, a numb

Space Fan News #96: Black Holes Grow Faster than Thought; Youngest Black Hole Found; SETI Chances

23rd Feb, 2013 - 9004 views

My Twitter account got a great makeover! Please follow me if you're so inclined: Black holes growing larger than expected: Wa

Space Fan News #46: SETI Listens to Kepler Planets; Supermassive Black Holes Found too Early

7th Jan, 2012 - 13.5K views SETI/Kepler Analysis

Life in the Universe #3: The Great Filter

25th Jul, 2010 - 118.8K views

Doing some tweeting here: @DeepAstronomy Whew! This was the hardest video for me (by far) to make. I started this script on August 21, 2009 and I'm finally finishing this up almost a year later. I would encourage anyone who has any questions to m