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Cassini: A Remarkable Journey

25th May, 2017 - 2438 views

Cassini began it's Grand Finale last month. Learn how this spectacular mission will end! Cassini is a NASA mission, launched in 1997, designed to study the planet Saturn and its moons. This mission has produced astonishing imagery, a multitude o

Cassini Shoots the Saturn/Ring Gap and Lives!; U.S. Astronaut Sets an ISS Record; SFN Has New Stuff

29th Apr, 2017 - 5056 views

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Stray Black Hole Found; Water Found on 51 Pegasi b; NASA Juno & Cassini Updates | SFN #193

4th Feb, 2017 - 9892 views

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Huygens Probe on Titan; Cassini's Final Year; Milky Way Ripping off Neighbors | SFN #190

14th Jan, 2017 - 5350 views

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Waving at Saturn; Gas Outflows Help Explain Early Galaxy Formation: Space Fan News #105

27th Jul, 2013 - 6975 views

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Infinite Minute #9: In the Shadow of Saturn

28th Jul, 2012 - 20.5K views I've been meaning to make this video for a long time and finally made the time to finish it. Here's where you can get the image: Music Used: Sky Ships:

Titan's Shadow: A Once in a Millenium Celestial Alignment

11th Jan, 2010 - 30.3K views

Found another really cool observation done by the Chandra X-Ray telescope way back in 2003. With all the hype about celestial alignments and 2012 hysteria about the Sun/Earth/Galactic Center alignment, I thought I'd present a truly once in a milleni

AstronomyBuff #2: Stellarium and Planetary Alignment 6/30/07

29th Jun, 2007 - 79K views

There is a cool planetary alignment this Saturday, June 30th. I wanted to play with Stellarium and my new screen grabber software to produce a 'planetarium-style' presentation.

AstronomyBuff #1: Vampires Make the Best Astronomers

4th Feb, 2007 - 36.8K views

This is the first installment of the video blog.