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A Gateway for Human Space Exploration: The Next Step After ISS

14th Aug, 2018 - 3764 views

The International Space Station (ISS) has been the first successful step in long-duration human operations in space. If astronauts are to travel to Moon, Mars, and deep space, we need more technical capabilities like a deep space gateway.

The Problems With NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) - Robert Zubrin

25th Aug, 2017 - 2252 views

This is an excerpt from our Exolife hangout, watch the whole thing here: Please consider supporting this content by becoming a Patreon Patreon: https:

SpaceX Hits a Milestone; No Need for Dark Energy?; SFN Goes to Washington

1st Apr, 2017 - 6555 views

This week, SpaceX completes an important milestone it is quest to make rocket launches into Earth orbit cheaper; astronomers have found a way to have an accelerating universe without dark energy; and Space Fan News goes to Washington to march for sci