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Climate Change on Alien Worlds: A Possible Great Filter? (Pt 2)

21st Aug, 2018 - 1473 views

Is climate change inevitable on worlds with technological civilizations? Is planetary feedback from such a civilization a great filter? Our guest Dr Adam Frank will discuss his paper on the effects of planetary feedback on any possible alien civiliz

Is Climate Change a Great Filter?

23rd Jul, 2018 - 3305 views

Astronomers from the University of Rochester has recently published a paper that studies whether a civilization on the level of ours could survive self-imposed changes to the planet’s climate due to rapidly expanding technological progress.

The Great Silence: Where is Everybody?

25th May, 2017 - 7065 views

Sooo the live stream was really messed up and we had to send people over to Twitch, which streamed beautifully. This video was messed up afterward, but now appears fine, so I made it public again. So strange. Where is everybody? Why haven't we hea

Deep Astronomy Live! The Great Filter (Followup)

1st Feb, 2016 - 7196 views

The last Deep Astronomy Live! broadcast generated a lot of great discussion in the comments and I want to take come time to respond to many of them specifically, such as these (and many more): "You're making too many assumptions" "We haven't been ar