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Will WFIRST Suffer Because of JWST?

30th Jul, 2018 - 2786 views

In this episode, we’ve all heard about the delays and cost overruns of NASA’s flagship observatory, JWST. How will it affect upcoming large space telescope missions, like WFIRST?

Juno First Results from Jupiter; LIGO & Grav Waves Pt 3; Red Dwarf Flares; WFIRST Cost Troubles

10th Jun, 2017 - 5604 views

This week, the first science results from the Juno spacecraft around Jupiter are in; the LIGO collaboration has discovered its third gravitational wave event; astronomers warn that flares from red dwarf stars may threaten any life on exoplanets in or

Juno, WFIRST, ELT Updates!; Age of Moon Older Than Thought | SFN #191

21st Jan, 2017 - 4990 views

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2016: A Golden Year in the Golden Age of Astronomy | SFN #188

31st Dec, 2016 - 5459 views

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WFIRST: A Wider Gaze on the Cosmos

31st Mar, 2016 - 28.9K views

The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope was listed in the Astronomer's 2010 Decadal Survey as the number one instrument they'd like to see built and launched after JWST. It is currently being planned and designed with a launch goal sometime in the

SFN #149: WFIRST is GO!; Massive Early Galaxy Cluster Weighed; GRAVITY First Light

15th Jan, 2016 - 5931 views

This week, WFIRST is GO!, Astronomers identify and characterize the most distant galaxy cluster found yet and a new black hole telescope see first light. Links for this week: WFIRST:

Finding Exoplanets with Microlensing; WFIRST Mission

16th May, 2013 - 0 views

In addition to the transit and radial velocity methods for finding exoplanets, there is a relatively new technique being used by wide field telescopes: microlensing. Today Alberto Conti and I talked with Dr. Scott Gaudi from The Ohio State Universit

Space Fan News #28: Introducing WFIRST, Dark Jupiters and Big Solar Flares

13th Aug, 2011 - 8590 views

Let's talk space: WFIRST is a mission to keep an eye on, really great work to be done with this mission: TrES-2B is a dark gas giant that reflects only 1% of the light that falls on it.