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#AAS231 Superbowl of Astronomy Roundup: DES Data; JWST Update; Distant Galaxy Found; Citizen Science

13th Jan, 2018 - 3231 views

This video series was started in January 2011 during the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Well this week finished the one for 2018 and here is a roundup of stories we found most interesting.

Fast Radio Burst Found; New Galaxy Type Discovered; JWST Testing Resumes | SFN #189

7th Jan, 2017 - 8076 views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! Space Fan News Theme by Stephen Dubois available for download here: It's AAS Week here at

Future in Space: Beautiful Ballooning... And More

20th Oct, 2016 - 2487 views

Live chat will be here when live: While the world’s space agencies extend humanity’s reach into space with science satellites of all kinds, generations of scientists have carried out cutting-edge research from high in t

SFN #143: Directly Imaging Exoplanets? Ground-based Telescopes Lead the Way!

4th Dec, 2015 - 6322 views

Watch out space telescopes, there is an army of ground-based instruments poised to look directly at planets around other stars. With names like SPHERE, GPI and SCExAO, the future of exoplanet science rests with some of the most sophisticated instr

SFN #148: 4 Years of SFN!; NuSTAR Images Andromeda; Globulars May Harbor Civs

8th Jan, 2016 - 6232 views

This week marks 4 years of Space Fan News! Thanks to all of you for watching and supporting. Links SFN #1: NuSTAR: Globular

Space Fan News #1: Kepler Discovers Its First Rocky World

11th Jan, 2011 - 15.6K views

Get astronomy tweets here: Trying something new here. I really enjoy the weeks that the American Astronomical Society holds its meetings because so many great things are announced. i want to share as many of the

Space Fan News #2: Echoes From a Quasar That No Longer Exists

11th Jan, 2011 - 8876 views

Here's the press release: Don't forget to check out Galaxy Zoo: A Dutch schoolteacher discovered an enigmatic object while classifying galaxies in the Sloan Dig

Space Fan News #3: The Most Comprehensive Image of the Night Sky Ever Taken

13th Jan, 2011 - 6979 views

Been tweeting like crazy: Here's the press release: Link to the image: More inf

Space Fan News #47: JWST Goes to AAS; Kepler Misses a Couple Planets

10th Jan, 2012 - 4417 views Thanks to Alberto Conti and Jason Kalirai for the visuals! Here's the link to discovery:

Space Fan News #48: JWST Making a Splash at AAS; Herschel Looks at Clouds; Hubble Outdoes Itself

11th Jan, 2012 - 3796 views Hershel's view of LMC/SMC: Hubble Protocluster:

Space Fan News #49: There Are More Planets than Stars in Our Galaxy

12th Jan, 2012 - 8570 views Hundred Sixty Billion planets: Kepler finds three

Space Fan News #4: Candles in the Dark

14th Jan, 2011 - 5766 views

This one's a little long because I wanted to give some background into the two press releases that came out of the AAS today: