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Telescope Talk Hangout w/ Thomas Pickett

11th Sep, 2018 - 933 views

Join us for a newly revamped hangout series on all things amateur astronomy! This week, we're talking with Tom Pickett, an advanced amateur with decades of experience that has been sharing his work to all who want to enjoy. Follow Tom on Facebook

Astronomy Imaging with Jason Major

17th Jul, 2018 - 982 views

Eventually, everyone wants to take pictures of the night sky with their telescopes. It's not exactly a beginner activity, but it is one of the most rewarding feelings when you've processed an image you took yourself. We also live in an age when you

New Off-Axis Telescope Design for Amateurs

26th Jun, 2018 - 1.2k views

How would you like to own a telescope that has the same design as some of the world's best observatories? The off-axis telescope is unique in that there is no secondary obstruction to mess up your image but the mirror configuration is not easy to co

Amateur Astronomy as a Hobby

13th Jun, 2018 - 1.3k views

Like this content? Please consider becoming a patron: After a bit of a haitus, we're back. We've retooled a little bit and we're going to try a new format. Today, Tony, Adam, John and Alex will be answering questi

Backyard Observatories and Viewer Questions

3rd Apr, 2018 - 686 views

Have you ever thought of building an observatory on to house your new telescope? Watch this hangout to learn about the characteristics of a good backyard amateur observatory including where to build it.

DIY NASA Data Processing for Fun and Profit

20th Mar, 2018 - 806 views

This week, we re-visit processing data from NASA missions yourself. Our guest this week is Kevin M. Gill, a very talented image processor who's work has included working with data from many NASA datasets.

What's So Great About Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes?

6th Mar, 2018 - 3.2k views

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes are among the most popular telescopes among amateur astronomers and have been around for decades in the commercial market.

TESS Arrives in Florida for NASA Launch

24th Feb, 2018 - 3.4k views

TESS Arrives in Florida | NASA InSight Launches May | Hubble's New Expansion Rate | Amateur Astronomer Records Supernova

Use NASA Space Telescopes Yourself

20th Feb, 2018 - 1.9k views

Why go through all the trouble and expense of buying and learning to use your own imaging equipment when you have access to ACTUAL NASA Space Telescope data?

What You Need to take Images Through Your Telescope

24th Jan, 2018 - 2.2k views

So, you want to take images with your telescope? Watch this hangout and we'll tell you what you need to get started! Taking images through your telescope is perhaps one of the hardest things you can do. It is an advanced activity that usually nee

Winter Night Skies: The Best Time of the Year!

20th Dec, 2017 - 2.4k views

As we approach the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, we talk about some of the best things you can see all year! Join us for the last Deep Astronomy Hangout of 2017 and let's talk about the wonders of the night sky during the l

Cool Astronomy Gifts for Christmas 2017

22nd Nov, 2017 - 1.6k views

Looking for some really neat gifts for the astronomy buff in your life? Today we'll share with you some of our favorite gifts for the space fan in your life. While there's no shortage of telescopes and accessories out there, and those will be very