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How to Find The Great Andromeda Galaxy

11th Oct, 2017 - 63.7K views

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Your Sky Tonight: Easy Way to Find the North Star (Polaris)

8th Aug, 2017 - 21.9K views

Have you ever wondered how to find the North Star? Did you know it is not one of the brightest stars in the sky? Polaris is actually quite dim and finding it is not easy. Unless you know the trick, that is! Listen to Deep Astronomy on Anchor: h

Why Is the Solar Eclipse of 2017 Moving From West to East?

13th Aug, 2017 - 19.7K views

Why is the eclipse moving eastward even though the Sun and Moon rise in the East? The answer is in this video. Please consider supporting Deep Astronomy by becoming a Patreon Patron: Listen to Deep Astronomy

Vega: The Second Most Important Star in Our Sky

7th Sep, 2017 - 19.7K views

If you like this content, please consider supporting Deep Astronomy on Patreon: Vega, or alpha lyrae, is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra the Harp and it is the fifth brightest star overall in our night

Top 5 Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy Under $500

7th Nov, 2017 - 14K views

Looking to buy your first telescope? This hangout will let you know the best telescopes for under $500 Looking to get started in amateur astronomy but are confused about the telescope to start off with? Our advice has always been to never spend m

Your Sky Tonight - The Perseid Meteor Shower

10th Aug, 2017 - 12.6K views

It's been reported that the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower will be the brightest ever recorded, and some are even saying you can see it during the day! Sadly, this is fake news. If anything this year's shower will be less dramatic, with fewer meteors s

The Triangulum Galaxy: The Most Distant Naked Eye Object

8th Nov, 2017 - 9417 views

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Beginner Telescope Advice

20th Sep, 2012 - 7070 views

I'll talk more about buying telescopes in future hangouts, but here is some preliminary advice... I think this will be the last one for this particular hangout. See you next week! Whew, working with the YouTube video editor is very time consuming,

The Orionid Meteor Shower

20th Oct, 2017 - 6604 views

Please visit The Great Courses Plus to get one free month trial: The highlight for this weekend will the the peak of the amazing Orionid Meteor Shower. It will be at its best viewing tonight through Sunday and should provi

What's So Great About Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes?

6th Mar, 2018 - 6430 views

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes are among the most popular telescopes among amateur astronomers and have been around for decades in the commercial market.

Refractors vs Reflectors: Which one is best?

11th Jul, 2017 - 6135 views

In the programming world, it's spaces vs tabs. In amateur astronomy, the never-ending debate is: Refractors vs Reflectors. Which one is best? What can you see from each type of telescope? Why are refractors so expensive for their size? How c

Your Sky Tonight - Antares: A Giant in Our Summer Skies

23rd Aug, 2017 - 6000 views

If you like this content, please consider supporting Deep Astronomy on Patreon: New observations of the supergiant star Antares have given us the most detailed image ever taken of a star other than our Sun. Read mor