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H0LiCOW! Early Universe Expansion Too Fast!; New Test for Life; Gaia Looks for Asteroids | SFN #192

28th Jan, 2017 - 5594 views

Looking for a cool domain? Try a .SPACE Domain Name for only $2.99 using this link: Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! Space Fan Ne

Hubble Discovers Unusual Asteroid; Earliest Confirmed Galaxy Detected: Space Fan News #118

9th Nov, 2013 - 18.4K views

Lots of cool stuff coming up: Scott Lewis is at YouTube Studios now recording next week's SFN, and we have some awesome Hubble Hangouts in the works this month! Links from today's stories: Strange asteroid:

Kepler is Dead; WISE is Resurrected: Space Fan News #109

24th Aug, 2013 - 6652 views

Kepler Space Telescope is Dead

Space Fan News #95: Meteor Over Russia; 2012 DA14 Flies By; New System to Vaporize Asteroids

16th Feb, 2013 - 12K views

Meteors and asteroids galore! Today was a real wakeup call. So, let's WAKE UP! Shall we? Russian Meteor and 2014 DA14:

Space Fan News #86: Space Week Preview

7th Jan, 2013 - 3906 views

It's Space Week! It's like Shark Week but less bitey. I'm at the AAS meeting all week to try and give you some idea of what it's like at these meetings. We're going to have Hangouts on Air everyday and I'll post an SFN every night. I'll also post

Space Fan News #25: Playing Astronomy Catchup

22nd Jul, 2011 - 5891 views

Want to use Facebook? Let's see how that goes.... Lots of catching up to do after my haitus. Here are the links to some of the more interesting stuff that's happened since SFN #24: