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Astronomy Imaging with Jason Major

17th Jul, 2018 - 1074 views

Eventually, everyone wants to take pictures of the night sky with their telescopes. It's not exactly a beginner activity, but it is one of the most rewarding feelings when you've processed an image you took yourself. We also live in an age when you

Backyard Observatories and Viewer Questions

3rd Apr, 2018 - 2093 views

Have you ever thought of building an observatory on to house your new telescope? Watch this hangout to learn about the characteristics of a good backyard amateur observatory including where to build it.

The Solar Corona: What Shape wilt have during the 2017 Eclipse?

10th Aug, 2017 - 1614 views

In the United States, there will be an opportunity on August 21st 2017 to see a total or partial solar eclipse. Eclipses offer a rare opportunity to see the thin atmosphere around the Sun, known as the Corona. The moon moves in front of the sun f

GOTO Telescope Mounts: What Are They and Do You REALLY Need One?

25th Jul, 2017 - 2450 views

There are a lot of affordable computerized telescopes out there, but should you get one? What are the advantages? GOTO Telescopes have been around since the early nineties for amateur astronomy. Starting with the Meade LX series and the Celestron

Telescope Mounts and Eyepieces

18th Jul, 2017 - 2107 views

Are you confused about the purpose of telescope mounts? What about eyepieces? What are they for? Watch today's hangout to learn more! As with any hobby, there's never any shortage of choices for accessories and amateur astronomy is no different.