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Tony Checks Out Hurricane Sandy (and his boats)

29th Oct, 2012 - 6842 views Well, good thing I did this when I did, no one is allowed on the streets now.

Deep Astronomy Vlog #4: The Heartbeat of Hubble

27th Oct, 2011 - 4145 views

Christ, there's a blog too?! Here's some footage from an artistic display that was running concurrently with the JWST model. It is taking data from a telemetry from the Hubble Space Telescope and rendering it as a wav

JWST Model as seen from Baltimore's Inner Harbor

18th Oct, 2011 - 3397 views This video is very shaky because I was holding the camera by the gorilla pod, which magnified the instability from the wind. Sorry about that. Here, I take you to see the JWST model from my boat, we take the inner harbo

The Hubble Space Telescope and Me

26th Mar, 2010 - 6452 views

I wanted to give Space Fans who were interested an update on when the next video will be out (late next week) and why. Music: Theme (Feature) - The Corporation Soundtrack Leonard J. Paul I'm taking a new