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Refractors vs Reflectors: Which one is best?

11th Jul, 2017 - 6167 views

In the programming world, it's spaces vs tabs. In amateur astronomy, the never-ending debate is: Refractors vs Reflectors. Which one is best? What can you see from each type of telescope? Why are refractors so expensive for their size? How c

Best First Telescope for Astronomy

27th Jun, 2017 - 3867 views

Are you thinking of purchasing a telescope but don't know where to start? Watch this week's Telescope Talk Hangout for expert advice! Everybody needs to start somewhere in amateur astronomy and the decision to buy a telescope is a big one. In th

Getting Started in Amateur Astronomy

20th Jun, 2017 - 4608 views

Want to learn more about amateur astronomy? What telescopes and equipment should you get? How do you get started in this amazing hobby? Join us for the inaugural hangout dedicated to amateur astronomy! Each week amateur astronomy experts, Tony D