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Curiosity and Future Mars Robots

4th Mar, 2016 - 4108 views

This month's hangouts sets the stage for the future of humans going to Mars. We talk with Dr. Ashwin Vasavada to discuss latest results from the surface of Mars and Dr. Jim Garvin to discuss plans for future robotics missions to Mars. We hope you c

Space Fan News #73: Curiosity Lands Just Like Downtown; MyStar Game; Galactic Habitable Zones

11th Aug, 2012 - 12.1K views Curiosity made it, here's some details. Also, play MyStar and let me know what you think! Curiosity: Seven Minutes

Space Fan News #72: (Parody) Dark Matter Discovered!; Curiosity Approaches Mars

4th Aug, 2012 - 8315 views I have something a little different for you this week.... Hope you like it! Frasier's Hangout: Virtual Landing