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The Great Silence: Where is Everybody?

25th May, 2017 - 7065 views

Sooo the live stream was really messed up and we had to send people over to Twitch, which streamed beautifully. This video was messed up afterward, but now appears fine, so I made it public again. So strange. Where is everybody? Why haven't we hea

Life in the Universe #2: Where is Everybody? (FINAL CUT)

21st Jul, 2009 - 197.6K views

OK, so there are two kinds of space fans, those who like my voice and those who don't. There's also a contingent that likes a more poetic and rhythmic flow to the script. I have to admit, I like this one better too.

Life in the Universe #2: Where Is Everybody?

20th Jul, 2009 - 242.6K views

Given that our galaxy is 10 billion years old and it should take civilizations much less time to develop and travel through the galaxy, why isn't the universe teeming with aliens? Where is everybody?