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Can Globular Clusters Harbor Interstellar Civilizations?

30th Aug, 2017 - 4067 views

Can Globular Clusters Harbor Ancient Civilizations? Globular clusters are a spherical collection of stars very tightly bound by gravity, which gives them relatively high stellar densities toward their centers. In 2016 Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano co-aut

Your Sky Tonight - July 25, 2017

25th Jul, 2017 - 1552 views

Listen to Deep Astronomy on Anchor: Created with Stellarium Open Source Software: Original Music - Mark C. Petersen, Lochness Productions: Just after s

SFN #148: 4 Years of SFN!; NuSTAR Images Andromeda; Globulars May Harbor Civs

8th Jan, 2016 - 6232 views

This week marks 4 years of Space Fan News! Thanks to all of you for watching and supporting. Links SFN #1: NuSTAR: Globular