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Standard Sirens To The Rescue LIGO Gets An Upgrade

6th Mar, 2019 - 2457 views

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: The LIGO gravitational observatory collaboration receives new funding to upgrade it’s amazing facilities. This should allow astronomers to get more informat

Can We Find Exoplanets Using Gravitational Waves?

10th Aug, 2018 - 3013 views

Is it possible to find exoplanets using their gravitational wave signatures? If the orbit of the planet is close enough and short enough to the host star, then yes it is. But boy what a system it would need to be!

TRAPPIST-1 Habitability Possible; LISA Passes Milestone; Super/Blue/Blood Moon Next Week! | SFN #222

26th Jan, 2018 - 4363 views

Astronomers publish a paper claiming the two of the earth-sized planets around TRAPPIST-1 are potentially habitable; the LISA Mission passes a critical Mission Design Readiness Review; and next week when Space Fans look up, superbluebloodmoontime!

New Results from Gravitational-Wave Astronomy and NASA’s Suite of Observatories

15th Nov, 2017 - 4174 views

What were 20% of the astronomers and observatories in the world doing on August 25, 2017? Coordinating observations for the fifth gravitational wave event! One of the most exciting astrophysics results of the past few years has been the detection

Neutron Stars Merge & Kilonova Observed; Speed of Gravity Confirmed-MOND Dead?; Too Much Antimatter

28th Oct, 2017 - 10.4K views

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The Dark Energy Survey: More Than Just Dark Energy

13th Jul, 2017 - 2371 views

The Dark Energy Survey is looking at 5000 square degrees of sky in the southern hemisphere for 525 nights in an attempt to understand mysterious Dark Energy. But that's not all the collaboration is doing. Members of the Dark Energy Survey are usin

Juno First Results from Jupiter; LIGO & Grav Waves Pt 3; Red Dwarf Flares; WFIRST Cost Troubles

10th Jun, 2017 - 5594 views

This week, the first science results from the Juno spacecraft around Jupiter are in; the LIGO collaboration has discovered its third gravitational wave event; astronomers warn that flares from red dwarf stars may threaten any life on exoplanets in or

Black Hole Gets Kicked Around by Gravitational Waves Pt.2

30th Mar, 2017 - 2668 views

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Monster Black Hole Gets Kicked out of Home Galaxy by Gravitational Wave

30th Mar, 2017 - 2597 views

Watch this video to finish where this discussion got cut off: What happens if two black holes collide? Scientists have found evidence that such an event took place during the merging of two galaxies. The r

Evidence that Vacuum of Space Not Empty; LIGO Gets Ready for More | SFN #186

3rd Dec, 2016 - 8960 views

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ESA's GAIA Maps a Billion Stars; NASA Likes LISA Again; China Launches 2nd Space Station | SFN 178

23rd Sep, 2016 - 3952 views

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Ripples In Space: Gravitational Waves in Our Future

17th Jun, 2016 - 5702 views

After decades of effort, the era of gravitational wave astronomy is finally here. Ground-based instruments like LIGO have opened up humanity's ears to the ripples of spacetime. But the LIGO results represent just one slice of the gravitational wave