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1st Dec, 2016 - 3241 views

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. In our next Hangout we will explore how the resources in place on Mars will make possible long-term human explor

100K YouTube Subscriber Celebration!

9th Jul, 2014 - 11.7K views

We've reached an important milestone this week: 100,000 subscribers to the Deep Astronomy YouTube channel and to celebrate, we're going to hold our first Deep Astronomy Hangout with +Tony Darnell. This inaugural hangout will feature +Carolyn Collins

A Gamma Ray Binary in Another Galaxy: A massive object paired with a crushed stellar core remnant

10th Nov, 2016 - 3802 views

Download all visuals here: A search for binary stars that emit gamma-rays using NASA’s Fermi satellite turned up a luminous object in another galaxy. These objects are characteristically variable. Using additional telescopes

AAS Hangout: The Black Hole in the Center of our Galaxy

8th Jan, 2013 - 17 views

Our first AAS hangout went better than I could have hoped! Lots of great conversation about black holes, and the center of our galaxy. Also had a surprise visit from John Grunsfeld, head of the science mission directorate at NASA (Oh and he's an as

Before the First Bootprints on Mars: Some Critical Steps before sending any astronauts

5th Jan, 2017 - 2929 views

Live Chat Here: PPT File used in discussion: There is much work required to identify, select, and prepare (using autonomous robotics) a site for safe habitation and crew operations long before the

Black Hole Gets Kicked Around by Gravitational Waves Pt.2

30th Mar, 2017 - 2707 views

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Buying Your First Telescope

19th Dec, 2013 - 0 views

Hello Space Fans! If there's one question that +Tony Darnell and +Scott Lewis have been asked more than any, it's "what telescope should I buy?". With the holidays in full swing, many are eager to either go buy the biggest, most expensive telescope

Constructing the Future in Space: How Engineers Design and Build the Most Ambitious Space Observa...

18th Sep, 2015 - 9675 views

Space observatories are among the most challenging and complex machines ever designed and operated, requiring precise operation of complex systems within a very challenging environment at enormous distances from human operators. How has this been don

Curiosity and Future Mars Robots

4th Mar, 2016 - 4790 views

This month's hangouts sets the stage for the future of humans going to Mars. We talk with Dr. Ashwin Vasavada to discuss latest results from the surface of Mars and Dr. Jim Garvin to discuss plans for future robotics missions to Mars. We hope you c

Exoplanet Diversity and Habitability

2nd May, 2013 - 909 views

Lots of great discussion today! This week there was a special exoplanet edition of Science magazine and Dr. Sara Seager had an article published in it. Dr. Seager presents a new, expanded definition of planetary habitable zones. Here is a link t