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Whose Bugs? Avoiding Planetary Contamination in the Scientific Exploration of Mars

6th May, 2016 - 3912 views

Scientists have been exploring the surface of Mars with increasingly sophisticated missions ever since NASA's Viking missions in 1976. Each successful mission has revealed even more mysteries of the Red Planet. Now, as future missions may be closing

White Dwarfs and Exoplanets Around White Dwarfs

27th Mar, 2013 - 37 views

Thanks to all who watched us live - watch the birth of Hubble Huggers! You guys are awesome! Here are some of the links discussed during the hangout: STScI Summer Program: John Debes/Dan Abramov Animati

Where Will We First Land with Humans on Mars?

5th Feb, 2016 - 6645 views

Join us for our inaugural Footsteps to Mars Hangout. On the first Friday of the month, Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti and Harley Thronson discuss the challenges, science and mission progress of a human presence on the Red Planet, Mars. This week, we'l

Water on the Exoplanet 51 Pegasi b!

23rd Mar, 2017 - 3377 views

The first exoplanet ever discovered orbiting another normal star was 51 Peg b, named after its parent star, 51 Pegasus. It is a Jupiter-sized planet which orbits around its star in 4 days! This discovery had challenged the understanding of planet fo

Unusual Hot Jupiters

9th Feb, 2017 - 3953 views

Hot Jupiters are gas giant planets, somewhat similar to Saturn or Jupiter, but instead, they orbit very close to their host stars with orbital periods of less than 10 days. Because these planets are very near their parent star, they are heated to ext

Things Every Space Fan Should Know About Hubble

27th Feb, 2013 - 883 views

The Hubble Space Telescope is arguably the most important scientific instrument ever built by human beings. Join Dr. Frank Summers and Tony Darnell as we 'get down and dirty' talking about the Hubble Space Telescope. Here is the link to download th

The Year in Astronomy 2013

28th Dec, 2013 - 12.7K views

Please join Tony Darnell and Scott Lewis on 27 December at 8 p.m. EST as we celebrate that ISON didn't kill us and discuss some of the biggest astronomy stories of the year. We will also take a look ahead to what's in store in 2014. We will have se

The Smallest Galaxy in the Known Universe

25th Jun, 2013 - 0 views

Thanks to all who watched us live! Here is a link to Evan's paper on astro-ph: Also follow Evan on twitter: @claronomy James Bullock: @jbprime

The PLANETS Foundation: Looking for Life in the Universe

17th Nov, 2016 - 3394 views

PLANETS Foundation: SETI isn't the only game in town that is dedicated to searching for and finding life in the universe. An international team of professors, astrophysicists, engineers and scientists from 6 countries around th

The Next Footsteps to Mars: A Base Camp in the Mars System

1st Sep, 2016 - 3927 views

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. In this current series of Hangout discussions, we will hear from experts on breaking the gravitational reins to

The Nearest Earth-sized Planet Discovered Around Proxima Centauri

8th Sep, 2016 - 6307 views

Live chat at Also ask questions here: ESO Press Release: Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, is about 4 light-years from the Solar System.

The Mesmerizing Universe: X-Ray Vision for the Stars

20th May, 2016 - 5020 views

NASA has begun a series of studies of four concepts that will in a few years’ time produce candidate designs for a major space observatory to begin construction later next decade. One of these is the X-Ray Surveyor. The X-Ray Surveyor mission will p