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Fast Moving Stars and Interstellar Bow Shocks

9th Mar, 2017 - 3255 views

Sometimes individual stars in our galaxy are seen to be zipping through space. The winds from the stars ram into the interstellar medium -- the material between the stars in our galaxy -- and a bow shock is formed. In general they have the appearance

Dragonfly 44: A Mysterious Galaxy Made of Mostly Dark Matter

8th Dec, 2016 - 5990 views

Hangout made possible by .SPACE Domains: If dark matter is, well, dark how can it be found? Remarkably, a team of astronomers found a galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter by using several powerful telescopes. The galaxy i

2 Trillion Galaxies?; DECam Finds 3 New Dwarf Planets and Get Ready for LSST | SFN #180

15th Oct, 2016 - 9863 views

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Hubble Suggests Water Plumes Over Europa; ESA's Rosetta Mission Ends | SFN #179

1st Oct, 2016 - 4553 views

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The First 104 Worlds of K2; Hubble & the Final Frontier (Field) | SFN #172

23rd Jul, 2016 - 5379 views

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SFN #155: Hubble Finds Most Distant Galaxy; LIGO & Gamma Rays; Get Ready for EXOMARS

5th Mar, 2016 - 12.7K views

Apologies for the sound, a critical mic failed during recording and I simply didn't have time to re-do the episode. Here are the links for this week's stories: Hubble's Distant Galaxy: Gam

The Hubble Space Telescope: The Most Important Instrument Ever Built

13th Apr, 2015 - 85.4K views

This month marks the 25th year of observations and discovery of the Hubble Space Telescope. No other instrument built by humanity has done more to show us our place in the cosmos. Follow DeepAstronomy on Google+ htt

Making Hubble More Powerful; Billions of Habitable Planets; New Type Quasar Found

18th Nov, 2013 - 16.1K views

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Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope (Final Cut)

16th Mar, 2013 - 1M views

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and is scheduled for launch in October 2018. We made some changes and did some re-cutting. Here is the final version. You can download this video for free on my bl

Hubble Hangout: Exploring Hubble Data Yourself

29th Jan, 2013 - 30 views

Did you know you have access to the same Hubble data as astronomers? In this hangout we show you some ways to access it through the Hubble Legacy Archive: We also discuss galaxy mergers and collisions.

Spacefan Hangout - Some New Things

8th Dec, 2012 - 7 views

Here are some of the links I promised. Please come to our next hangout "Exoplanets and Life in the Universe" on Tuesday, Dec 11th: Dr. Sara Seager:

Galaxy Cluster Helps Hubble Finds the Most Distant Galaxy

29th Nov, 2012 - 6695 views

Watch the entire hangout here: