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Albedo 052 Images of Jupiter from Juno

1st Mar, 2019 - 4179 views

One of my favorite composers is Vangelis and for people who like old school Cosmos, you know what I'm talking about. I've been thinking about making a tribute to Albedo 0.39 for a while and all of the amazing Junocam images of Jupiter inspired me.

JunoCam Shines at Halfway Point of Juno Mission to Jupiter

19th Dec, 2018 - 2327 views

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter reaches the midpoint of its mission and has far exceeded expectations. There’s also a lesson here for NASA: always include a camera in your space probes to planets!

NASA Juno Mission Extended

9th Jul, 2018 - 3632 views

In this episode, NASA extends Juno’s mission to Jupiter, a mission that has shown us some amazing features of the largest planet in our solar system and is also teaching us a lot about what lies beneath those stunning cloud formations.

Juno First Results from Jupiter; LIGO & Grav Waves Pt 3; Red Dwarf Flares; WFIRST Cost Troubles

10th Jun, 2017 - 5592 views

This week, the first science results from the Juno spacecraft around Jupiter are in; the LIGO collaboration has discovered its third gravitational wave event; astronomers warn that flares from red dwarf stars may threaten any life on exoplanets in or

Juno, WFIRST, ELT Updates!; Age of Moon Older Than Thought | SFN #191

21st Jan, 2017 - 4980 views

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EXOMars Lander Lost?; NASA's Juno Switches Off | SFN #181

22nd Oct, 2016 - 4916 views

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Juno Makes 1st Flyby of Jupiter; OSIRIS-REx Still On After SpaceX Explosion | SFN #176

2nd Sep, 2016 - 5851 views

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NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter: Investigating a Colossus

3rd Mar, 2016 - 70K views

NASA's Juno mission arrives at Jupiter on July 4th, 2016. This video outlines some of the exciting things we hope to learn about our solar system's largest planet from the first spacecraft to visit since the Galileo Spacecraft Visit to lear