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As Mission Dies, Gaia Revises Kepler Earth-sized Exoplanet Count

1st Nov, 2018 - 3686 views

As NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope ends its mission once and for all, ESA’s GAIA Space Telescope data shows that some Kepler planets need revising.

Kepler/K2 Mission Coming to an End

10th Jul, 2018 - 2604 views

As Kepler/K2 runs low on critical hydrazine fuel, NASA has put Kepler spacecraft in safe mode until August 2 2018

As TESS Launch Approaches, Kepler Mission Ending as Fuel Runs Low

13th Apr, 2018 - 3127 views

Bad news from NASA regarding the venerable Kepler/K2 mission: it is running out of fuel and preparations are being made for the final end - for real this time - of the mission that showed us there were more planets in our galaxy than stars.

Comet Swarms or Alien Megastructures? The Strange Variations of the Star KIC 8462852

12th Jan, 2017 - 7421 views

A star with unusual changes in brightness was discovered the Kepler Mission Planet Hunters. This star is called KIC 8462852 or "Tabby’s star" and has strange irregular dips in brightness and also seemed to be getting fainter over the last 4 years.

How to Confirm more than 100 exoplanets at once! Keck Observatory and K2 Mission Results

29th Sep, 2016 - 2571 views

Joins us for live chat here: An extraordinary discovery of numerous exoplanets was made by combining NASA's K2 mission data with follow-up observations by ground-based telescopes including the W. M. Keck Observatory and

SFN #160: Nanoprobes to the Stars?; Kepler Has a Problem; More Water on Europa?

15th Apr, 2016 - 6927 views

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SFN #157: Did ExoMars Have A Mishap?; Kepler Finds a Supernova Shockwave; ULA Sends Cubesats to ISS

25th Mar, 2016 - 6943 views

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SFN #156: Kepler's Second Chance to Shine

18th Mar, 2016 - 7080 views

Thanks to all SFN Patreon Supporters for making SFN better: Got captivated by all the great work being done with Kepler after it's reaction wheel failure in May 2013. I'm amazed at what Kepler (now called K2) is do

The First Five Worlds of Kepler

6th Jan, 2010 - 266.1K views

On January 4th, 2010, the Kepler Science Team announced the first five worlds discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. These planets are larger, Jupiter-sized ones, instead of the smaller Earth-sized planets it was designed to detect, but these d