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Mercury: Bombarded by many tiny meteoroids

27th Jul, 2017 - 1881 views

Does Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun in our solar system, have an atmosphere? How is that possible? It has been known for a long time that Mercury, the innermost planet in the solar system does not have much of an atmosphere. This variable

Space Fan News #16: First Images of Mercury; All of Kepler's Planets; Number of Earths in Our Galaxy

2nd Apr, 2011 - 9005 views

Lots of really cool news out this week. The MESSENGER spacecraft took some images of Mercury, the Kepler guys put out a really neat graphic showing all of the candidate planets Kepler discovered in February, and a paper showing an estimate of the nu

Space Fan News #14 (Super Moon Edition): NASA goes to Mercury; Ducks on Mars

19th Mar, 2011 - 6425 views

NASA finally made it to Mercury. Also, talking about the stupid Super Moon idiocy. Here's NASA's release: Here's Bad Astronomy's debunking post: