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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

3rd Aug, 2009 - 9.2M views

I've recently discovered an animation that was rendered using the measured redshift of all 10,000 galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image.

The Promise of Kepler-22b

7th Dec, 2011 - 1.1M views Exciting news from the Kepler mission yesterday! Here's what happened: they discovered a planet that is roughly the size of Earth, and is a good distance from the planet. Unfortunately,

Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope (Final Cut)

16th Mar, 2013 - 826.5K views

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and is scheduled for launch in October 2018. We made some changes and did some re-cutting. Here is the final version. You can download this video for free on my bl

Where Are the First Stars and Galaxies?

28th Dec, 2010 - 137.2K views

Here's my twitter feed: There is a big gap in our observations from the CMB to the first galaxies almost a billion years later. The James Webb Space Telescope will help close that gap by looking for the first star

Kepler's New Universe

19th Feb, 2014 - 118.6K views

Kepler has opened up a new universe. Only about 20 years ago, we didn't know if there were any other planets around any other stars besides our own, now we know we live in a galaxy that contains more planets than stars. Every star in our galaxy has o

The First Earth-sized World of Alpha Centauri

27th Oct, 2012 - 94.2K views

Please consider supporting this content on Patreon: European astronomers have discovered a planet with about the mass of the Earth orbiting a star in the Alpha Centauri system — the nearest to Earth. It is also the

How the Hubble Space Telescope Will Die

25th Feb, 2011 - 86.1K views

Please check out the new/improved You will (eventually) be able to download all of my vids there. Sometime in 2024 the Hubble Space Telescope will die unless we can figure out a way to capture it and bring it down. This

Seeing Beyond: The James Webb Space Telescope

26th Jan, 2013 - 72.4K views

This was originally produced as a talk to be given by people at the Institute to discuss and introduce JWST. I was asked to turn this into a video based on a Keynote presentation. This is what I came up with. Special thanks to Stephanie Smith who

NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter: Investigating a Colossus

3rd Mar, 2016 - 70.1K views

NASA's Juno mission arrives at Jupiter on July 4th, 2016. This video outlines some of the exciting things we hope to learn about our solar system's largest planet from the first spacecraft to visit since the Galileo Spacecraft Visit to lear

Space Bound #2: Earth's First Interstellar Probes

28th Mar, 2011 - 68.7K views

You may not be aware that we've already sent our first probes into interstellar space: Pioneer 10 and 11, along with Voyager I and II are out of our solar system an heading towards the stars. The problem is, they won't get there for tens of thous

The James Webb Space Telescope: The Largest Telescope Ever Launched

31st Jan, 2011 - 55.7K views

DeepAstronomy site is undergoing a makeover: Please stop by and take a look. The James Webb Space Telescope is due to launch no earlier than September of 2016, but anticipation is high for the data and images. It is des

The First Earth-Sized World of Kepler

17th Jan, 2011 - 42.8K views

Subscribe to the DeepAstronomy iTunes Podcast: and add to iTunes. On January 10th, 2011, after gathering and analyzing over 8 months of data transmitted from the spacecraft, the Kepler Science Team announce