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SFN #148: 4 Years of SFN!; NuSTAR Images Andromeda; Globulars May Harbor Civs

8th Jan, 2016 - 6238 views

This week marks 4 years of Space Fan News! Thanks to all of you for watching and supporting. Links SFN #1: NuSTAR: Globular

Space Fan News #97: Fastest Black Hole Measured; Possible Protoplanet; JWST @SXSW

2nd Mar, 2013 - 8464 views

The fastest black hole ever measured so far also solves controversy. There may be a protoplanet around HD 100546 and I'm going to SXSW! Riddle of black hole spin solved: http://news.

Space Fan News #67: Every Star Has a Planet; NuSTAR Unfurls Mast; Ejected Black Hole

23rd Jun, 2012 - 14.6K views Every Star has a planet:

Space Fan News #50: How Much Dark Energy Is There Really?; NASA Will Launch NuSTAR

13th Jan, 2012 - 10K views Full 3D Picture of the universe: