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The Problems With NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) - Robert Zubrin

25th Aug, 2017 - 2k views

This is an excerpt from our Exolife hangout, watch the whole thing here: Please consider supporting this content by becoming a Patreon Patreon: https:

RR 245 - New, Distant Dwarf Planet Found!; ESO's Deepest Image of Orion Nebula | SFN #171

16th Jul, 2016 - 7.2k views

Thanks to Patreon Patrons who make SFN Possible! A new dwarf planet has been added to our inventory of distant solar system objects. RR 245 is one of the largest in our solar system. Here are the links to today's stories: RR 245: Newest Dwarf Pla

Space Fan News #40: ESO VLT's GRB Obs; NASA's Orion Launch; Swift Images Asteroid 2005 YU55

12th Nov, 2011 - 8.8k views European Southern Observatory's VLT observation of Gamma Ray Burst: Orion 2014 test flight: Swift watches YU55