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Alternative Explanation For KBO Orbits Doesn't Need Planet 9

12th Jun, 2018 - 4136 views

We've been looking for planet 9 but haven't found it yet. Perhaps it isn't there? New ideas for what may be causing strange KBO orbits in outer solar system.

The Search for Planet 9: So, where is it? (audio remix)

11th May, 2018 - 3478 views

Astronomers believe there is an undiscovered super-Earth Sized planet lurking in our outer solar system. If it exists, then astronomers think it would have an estimated mass of ten Earths. So, where is it?

Ninth Planet Beyond Neptune?

19th Feb, 2016 - 20.4K views

Konstantin Batygin & Mike Brown have recently uncovered evidence that a giant planet in the outer reaches of our solar system is pushing around the orbits of the most distant objects known beyond Neptune. The orbits of these distant objects, in what

SFN #151: 9th Planet? Not so fast!; LISA Pathfinder at L1; New Dark Matter Insights

29th Jan, 2016 - 6820 views

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