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Alternative Explanation For KBO Orbits Doesn't Need Planet 9

12th Jun, 2018 - 4142 views

We've been looking for planet 9 but haven't found it yet. Perhaps it isn't there? New ideas for what may be causing strange KBO orbits in outer solar system.

Space Fan News #66: Nearby Dark Matter Revisited; Another Planet X?; NASA's Free Hubbles

16th Jun, 2012 - 9521 views Claim that there's no dark matter nearby revisited: New Paper: http://arxiv.o

December 21, 2012: Should You Be Worried?

10th Aug, 2009 - 59K views

Alrighty then Space Fans, this is the first of my 2012 videos. Yes, I'm reading from a script, and I sound a little wooden, but I promise to work on that! Most of the fear and confusion surrounding this issue stems primarily from a lack of unde

Infinite Minute #2: 2012 - Mayans and Planets and Flares - OH MY!

8th Aug, 2009 - 45.1K views

You'll need to really turn up your volume to get the joke. This played well on my computer, but I can barely hear the Jaws music on a laptop. Ooops. Can you guess which part of this I narrated? Well Space Fans, I've been looking into this w